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“With Landsaver Environmental on the job, I know everything will go well, the project will be performed safely and with a high degree of quality, and the Landsaver crews will work with us to get the project done on schedule.”
–Joe Link, Project Manager, Basic Construction Company LLC

“I highly recommend Landsaver Environmental as a first class organization and experts in their field.”
–C.R. Abbott, Jr., Vice President, Lawhorne Bros. Paving

“Landsaver Environmental has been installing the Geoweb® Cellular Confinement System for over 17 years. They have installed several hundred thousand square feet of Geoweb in that time without any problems that we are aware of. As such, Presto Geosystems considers Landsaver Environmental to be an eminently qualified installer of our products.”
–Cory Schneider, Business Development Manager, Presto Geosystems

“Landsaver Environmental provided me with excellent support with submittals and project scheduling, and always acted very professionally. Their staff is very knowledgeable and informative.”
–Brad Cockman, Project Manager, Wells Brothers Construction

“Landsaver Environmental has been installing the Atlantis Turf Cell for over 10 years. We recommend anyone who is interested in the installation of our products to contact Doug Evans at Landsaver Environmental.”
–Linda Maley, Atlantis Business Development, North America

“Prior to arriving onsite, the project management and administrative staff at Landsaver Environmental provided quick responses to questions, timely submittals, and was very flexible with scheduling. Once on the job, the crew worked quickly and efficiently while performing a quality installation.”
–John Thornton, Project Engineer, MEB General Contractors, Inc

“Landsaver Environmental brought our project in on time and on budget while working through difficult weather interruptions. I highly recommend Landsaver Environmental as a first-class organization and experts in their field.”
–Russell L. Bolyard, Mepco, LLC

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